**We currently do not have any puppies available. Please check back with us in November or December of 2022 for possible available puppies for sale.**


Can my family and I come see the puppies?

Answer:  Yes, all we ask is that you arrange a time with us that will work for both of us. We also ask that you wash your hands before handling the puppies.  Please note, Baylee (the mommy) is quite protective, so don’t be alarmed if she barks or growls while you are visiting – she is being a protective mommy.

If you are serious about wanting one of our puppies and cannot come to visit them in person, we are happy to schedule a virtual visit with you.  This could include a Zoom call, Face Time call, Skype call, or Microsoft Teams call.

Will my puppy have its dewclaws?

Answer:  No, your puppy’s dewclaws were removed when it was only a few days old. Dewclaws are not part of the Golden Retriever Standard.  For this reason, they are removed.

Will my puppy have its first shots before I pick it up at 8 weeks old?

Answer:  Yes, your puppy will have its 8-week-old shots by the time you come to pick it up. You will be given your puppy’s shot record as part of your “Puppy Packet.”

Will you ship or deliver my puppy to me?

Answer:  Unless prior arrangements have been made, we do not ship or deliver your puppy to you. You are welcome to come to pick up your puppy on the designated date.

What can I expect to receive with my puppy when I come to pick it up?

Answer:  You can expect to receive your puppy, an identifying collar for him or her, a 5 lb. bag of Large Dog Purina Pro-Plan Puppy Food, and your Puppy Packet of information (most of the information in your Puppy Packet can also be found on our website).